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Wemhoff Consulting

Wemhoff Consulting


Wemhoff Consulting is your local HR Consulting Service that is available to meet your HR needs when you are in need help. As a former owner of a staffing firm, I understand that a fulltime HR Manager is not a fulltime need and when you are small it is expensive.

I offer services done for you or with you in the field of Human Resources. My services can be one hour, one day, one month or whatever amount of time you need to achieve your goal. This includes employee issues, employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance management, employee wellbeing, employee engagement, topic presentations, emotional culture and workshops.

1. Begin with a free consultation to determine if I can be of service
2. Next decide on an hourly or monthly fee
3. Then let’s get started.

Your business HR partner on demand.


26 Bucktail Lake
Clarks, NE 6828


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