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Central City Chamber Board Member

Ethan Nelson - Treasurer

Ethan Nelson - Treasurer

"I graduated with my bachelor's degree from Bellevue University in Business Management. Today, I work as a loan officer at Cornerstone Bank in Central City. I have always aspired to be a leader in the community. One aspect I would contribute to the community of Central City is servant leadership. I have always envisioned serving our community for the better and making a positive impact wherever I am involved. The Central City Area Chamber of Commerce gives me to opportunity to lead with the goal of making our community a better place, especially for our local businesses."

Central City, NE

Been Part of the Central City Community:
I am lifelong resident of Central City.

Favorite thing about the Central City Community: 
My favorite part about the Central City community is the pride and ownership our community members take in representing our community. Once you have lived here, our community gives you an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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